Most of the changes that have taken place in my life happened at camp. It’s an opportunity to rejuvenate your relationship with God and make changes for the better. Camp is an opportunity to chill out, relax, and meet people with the same goals as you.
— Tyler Macdonald
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Camp is a very inspirational experience. It brings not only myself closer to God, but others as well. It’s an opportunity to build up your relationship with God so you can bring it back home to reality. Did I mention the worship is unbelievable?!
— Trinity Levesque
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Going to camp is an awesome experience. It’s an opportunity to connect with other people going through the same issues you go through. It’s also allowed me to be confident in myself and be who I am.
— Jaiden Baez
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Camp was a week that truly brought me back to God. Because of some family struggles in my life I stopped going to church, but camp gave me the opportunity to get re-connected. There is nothing that compares to the energy and excitement you experience during the services at camp.
— Julianna Temple